I was listening to a guided meditation today; one that was gentle, soothing, relaxing and one that ultimately brought tears to my eyes.  The meditation instructed listeners to simply, “be…receive…give thanks.” It stated, you were born worthy” and that needing to prove your value is just a myth, a “way of being” taught to us by others who have forgotten their own worthiness and value.

The meditation asked some  important questions; How would your life be different if you knew you were worthy?  If you realized you were already enough?

Could you then stop the striving for achievements?  Could you stop working for approval or validation from others?  Could you quit the incessant seeking for something outside of yourself to create greater peace and happiness?

What parts of yourself would be awakened?  What parts of you would come alive? Would you feel freer?  More spontaneous?  More creative and inspired?  More joyful?  More present and able to witness the beauty around you everyday in nature?  More patient with and truly connected to those you love?

I remember each of my children, now 21 and 15, born into my arms as babies… and how precious and tender and perfect and absolutely worthy and undeniably deserving they were of all the love and goodness in the world.  And how I still look at them today and see that same amazing beauty and value and worthiness in each of them.

This is the reason I became a counselor, I realized…I had always believed in the worthiness of every living being, every human and animal.  I knew that each living thing has inherent value and worth…that one living thing is not, should not, and in fact can not, be more important or greater than any other living thing.  It’s the reason I live a vegan lifestyle and actively promote veganism.  It’s the reason I’m feminist and an advocate of LGBTQ equality.  It’s the reason I check my white privilege and work hard to call out and diminish racial injustice and economic disparities.  We all have our own story, our own life experiences and our own perfect ways of being in this world. We are all valuable…we are all worthy.

And if I grant that worth and value to my children, to my family and friends, and to each of my clients, then shouldn’t I have an equal amount of worth and value myself?  And it was with this realization for me during the guided meditation that I felt my tears flow and my heart open…I felt my soul breathe and my heart beat with an ancient recognition and remembering…one I can all too often and too easily forget…I am already enough…

Really knowing this…”I am already enough”…really holding this in your heart and in your mind …means more peace and contentment will follow….it means more ability to just really “be” in the moment and experience all of life.  It means the ability to more often feel all of your feelings.  It means more expansive time and uncluttered space to really see and know more of yourself; to recognize your strengths and soothe your fragile areas.

Really knowing you are already enough means there is no more searching necessary…nothing else you need to acquire or gain…uncover or change…you are worthy and complete and valuable now…in this moment…in every future moment to come.

To re-connect with that goodness and worthiness within myself via this amazing meditation was truly a re-awakening, inspiring gift.  A gift I wish for you…and a hope I have for you … that listening to this guided meditation can be the beginning of remembering your inherent worth, your value and your perfect completeness.

Namaste ~



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