Life is….______________________.  How do you finish that sentence?  Life is amazing?  Life is overwhelming?  Life is a problem to be solved?  Life is an exciting journey?  Life is long…it’s short…it’s unfair…it’s wonderful…it’s exciting…it’s scary?

Here’s what my free flowing self percolated into consciousness after meditating…

Life is warm hugs from children and soft kisses from loved ones.  It’s the unconditional love and attention from our furry pets.

It’s the turning leaf, the cascading winds, the blaze of sunsets.  It’s the one single raindrop slowly meandering down our window pane.

It’s the ache in our hearts and the tears in our eyes with each goodbye or ending…it’s the buzzing in our bellies and the smiles on our faces with each hello or next open door.

It’s confusion and uncertainty alongside answers and intuitive knowings.

It’s the growth…the painful but necessary, exciting and ongoing movement forward…never certain where we’re headed or where we’ll land.

It’s the connections… to people, to animals, to nature…the moments, the fleeting seconds of pure joy and being…right here and right now…when we finally know that’s all we really have and all we really need.

It’s creating ourselves anew each day and then learning who that new self is.  It’s striving to keep that self visible despite the reflex to tuck our real self away, safe and kept.

It’s moments of accomplishment…going farther and shining brighter then we thought possible.  It’s desperate times of hopelessness with hearts too heavy to lift.

Life is a full circle…coming back around, again and again, in hopes of meeting ourselves…in hopes of seeing and really knowing others.  Around and around and around we go…in this thing we call life.

Go ahead…your turn…fill in the blank…

Life is ____________________.

And don’t stop with one or two words…let your mind create and your heart remember…let your senses come alive and your being flow free…fill in that blank the only way you can, in the only time you have…now.

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