You Deserve the Support of a Vegan transformation coach!

So you’re vegan! Congratulations for “making the connection” and helping to create a more compassionate and just world!

BUT… you are living in an omni world.

I feel your pain! As a vegetarian since age 17 and vegan since 2015, I know the daily battles you face as a vegan. I know life as a vegan is not all sunshine and tofu!

It’s hard being vegan!


You know you’re doing the right thing: protecting animals, staying healthy, doing your part to decrease global warming, and you’re committed to a vegan lifestyle for all those reasons.

    Sometimes there’s a big price to pay for living your values and convictions and leading with your heart.

    All too often, you feel like you’re swimming against the current…

    • It’s tiring and sometimes impossible to find healthy vegan food at work, family or social events.
    • You’ve got to endure questions and arguments, judgments and comments from family, friends and co-workers while navigating social functions.
    • Relationships with non-vegans can feel uncomfortable and may become strained.
    • And dating?? Table for one please! Finding a vegan partner can feel next to impossible! Attempting to date or live with an omnivore partner may be equally difficult.
    • Then there’s the emotional turmoil of watching other people eat animals while dining out

    Vegan activism may be empowering, but you can end up feeling drained without healthy boundaries


    You may feel hopeless, waiting for the rest of the world to “make the connection” and change their diets and lifestyle.

    You may despair that animals are continuing to suffer and that this shift to humane treatment of all living beings may never happen

    You may feel alienated or lonely if you don’t have a strong vegan community surrounding you. 

    So here you are, living your values, doing all the right things out of love, compassion and caring. 

    And unfortunately, you can end up feeling left out, isolated and unsupported, depressed or anxious.

    And then when you finally find a counselor, even they don’t completely “get you”. And really, how can they if they aren’t vegan themselves?

    You deserve:

    • to feel heard.
    • to be understood.
    • to be supported for all the good you are doing every day because of your conscious life choices.
    • a professional counselor who really “gets you” and your unique life issues.

    As a professional counselor who is committed to the vegan lifestyle, I understand all your issues intimately. I “get” you like no other counselor can. I applaud your choice to be vegan. And I want to help you navigate all the most difficult parts of the vegan lifestyle.

    Beginning this process is easy.

    Step 1

    Call or Schedule your Session Online

    Step 2

    Get the Support You Need

    Step 3

    Enjoy a Happier and Healthier You!

    Working with a vegan coach, means you WON’T have to:

    • Worry about explaining your sense of alienation or explaining veganism itself. (And you’ll never have to answer “Where do you get your protein”!)
    • Defend your healthy diet to an omni counselor who wonders if all health-conscious vegans have “orthorexia”.
    • Explain how the footage of animal slaughter impacts your heart, your soul and sometimes your daily life.
    • Worry about your counselor thinking your animal activism is extreme. 

    Working with me, a vegan coach,
    means you WILL:

    • Feel completely heard, understood and supported.
    • Get all the professional counseling tools and skills you need to add more joy to your everyday vegan life.
    • Learn how to create healthy relationships with vegans and non-vegans.
    • Learn how to say goodbye to hopelessness and hello to more happiness!
    • Be supporting a business that introduces and advocates the vegan lifestyle.

    Sooo… what’s stopping you from scheduling your initial session already?!

    • Without professional counseling, personal growth and change can take a long time…or perhaps never happen at all.
    • You may continue to fumble and feel anxious and uncomfortable through difficult social and dining experiences.
    • Relationships with friends and family may forever be strained.
    • You may continue to feel hopeless and isolated.
    • You may continue to fee stuck. Depressed. Or socially anxious.

    For all the love and support you provide animals…it’s time for you to feel supported.

    It’s time for your personal growth to accelerate with guidance from a professional vegan counselor.

    The healthier you are, the more work you can continue to do to make the world around you a healthier, safer, loving place for all sentient beings!

    Work through your vegan lifestyle issues today with the help of a vegan counselor and become both a healthy and a Happy Vegan!

    The 5 Essential Steps On Your Way To Healthy and Happy

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