Break Free of Bad Habits!

Hypnosis to help you change your behavior and create the healthy, happy life you desire!

You know what you “should do” and what you “want to do”, but it feels as if you are chained to your unhealthy habits for life!

I feel your pain! I know first hand the powerful pull of “habits”… we are all creatures of habit!

But there’s no need for old habits to ruin your life, your health or your relationships! With hypnosis, you can make positive life changes more quickly, more easily and with an increased chance of lasting success!

As a licensed professional counselor, I’ve been helping clients create positive life changes for over 20 years. I use all the most effective counseling tools available, PLUS the power of hypnosis, to replace unhealthy habits with healthy behaviors.

Combining powerful counseling tools like behavioral modification, CBT, mindfulness practices, meditation and more, together with hypnosis, means you can make positive changes more quickly and easily, while increasing self-awareness to ensure your new healthy behaviors will last a lifetime!

Break Bad Habits! Build Healthy New Behaviors!

Hypnosis can help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Transition to a healthy whole food plant based diet
  • Stop emotional over-eating, stress-eating or mindless eating
  • Finally stop smoking
  • Begin an exercise program and stick with it
  • Reduce anxiety or anxious habits
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Succeed in changing most any problem behavior!

Getting Started is Simple…

Step 1

Schedule your initial session

Just schedule your initial session online. In person and online sessions available.

Step 2

Create your plan

During your initial session, we will create your individualized hypnotherapy plan, (utilizing hypnosis as a primary tool, and adding other counseling tools as needed).

Step 3

Celebrate Success!

You’ll have all the resources, tools and support you need to reach your goals!

Once you’ve achieved your goal

  • You’ll feel such pride in the “new you”!
  • You’ll feel healthier and happier having met your goals!
  • And since “one good change deserves another” you’ll likely feel empowered to continue to create the life you’ve always wanted…adding one healthy behavior at a time!

There’s no need to continue to feel stuck and helpless to change your bad habits. You don’t have to stay chained to your unhealthy habits or mental health issues for life.

Hypnosis can help you break free from bad habits, and allow you to incorporate healthy behaviors into your life. With the powerful blend of counseling tools and hypnosis, you CAN become the happy, healthy empowered person you’ve always wanted to be!

Hypnosis FAQ

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool that creates a relaxed, calm and suggestible state of mind and then offers hypnotic suggestions for relief from your symptoms. Hypnotherapy, then, is the process of counseling or psychotherapy that occurs when you are in that hypnotic state of consciousness.

What if I can't be hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind; 80% of the day you are going in and out of hypnosis. Ever get from point “A” to point “B” and have no recollection of how you got there?…during that time you were in and out of the hypnotic state!

Will I know and remember what has happened?

Yes! You will not be “unconscious”; you will always be able to hear the voice of the counselor and be able to speak… and you will definitely remember the hypnosis session!

But, I don’t want someone else controlling my mind

  • Hypnosis is empowering; it validates the fact that all the answers are already within you. I believe that every client contains, deeply within their own subconscious mind, the key to their own individual health and healing.
  • You are always in charge of the process; you are able to discuss with the counselor what suggestions you may prefer to hear prior to the start of a session and are always free to “reject” a suggestions during the session.
  • Hypnosis will enable you to control your own mind and your behaviors. After experiencing hypnosis you can learn how to self-hypnotize and how to use hypnosis to get to that place of complete calm and deep relaxation quicker and easier than ever before.
What if I can't "come out of hypnosis?

There has never been a documented case of anyone being unable to come out of hypnosis.

What if I discover things I don't want to know?
  • We all have a built-in self-regulating mechanism to keep us safe. Your mind will not present you with information you do not want to know.
  • You can only change what you are aware of…and often making the changes that can improve your happiness level and create a more fulfilling life are not that difficult to make. Hypnosis is a powerful tool in the hypnotherapy process that increases your awareness and makes connections to life-long issues in just a few sessions.
  • At Full Circle, you are working with a licensed professional mental counselor with over 20 years of experience, who also has specialized training in hypnosis…you are in very capable and experienced hands!

Call Full Circle Counseling Services and create the life you have always wanted with hyponosis!

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