Decide what it will look like when your heart is truly home.  Then go there.

Quite a directive, this quote is… it really makes you pause and ponder … Where is my heart truly home?  What does this “home” look and feel like?  And how in the world do I get there?

Can’t you just Google that?  You know, ask the Google guru where your supposed to go and then just use Googlemaps to get there?  Wish it were so easy.  But truth be told, it’s really not as hard as you might expect either.

Often the work of deciding what you really want begins with looking at your life and noting anything that you really don’t want or isn’t working for you.   Are you stuffing your square peg self into a round hole job that doesn’t suit you anymore?  Are you working 60 hours a week leaving no time for play or rest ?  Are you in a relationship that leaves you feeling frustrated, alone or not good enough?  Do you wish you had more healthy social connections in your life?  Is anxiety exhausting you?  Unchecked addictions or unhealthy behaviors (drinking or overeating) leaving you feeling sick and tired every day?  (You get the idea…the list of possible “what is not working for me” is endless”).

Once you’ve clearly identified what you don’t want, you can begin to see pathways and directions to what you do want in your life.  It’s as easy as taking some time to journal and answer the questions below.  Give yourself permission to think big here…brainstorm away!  You will always have plenty of time to factor in practicalities and how-to’s later, but right now, allow yourself to dream!

Answer the following:

If nothing were stopping me, what would I do with the rest of my life?  

  1. Is there something that seems to be stopping you?  What is it?
  2. How might you respond more creatively to blocks or limitations?
  3. How would you begin?
  4. What support would you need?
  5. What support would you be comfortable receiving?

What my spirit knows I need to do next is…

So there you have it… a road map of sorts to help you decide and direct…dream and discover…

Happy writing and happy travels to where your heart can more often be truly home!


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