There is something in every one of you that waits and listens
for the sound of the genuine in yourself.
It is the only true guide you will ever have.
And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life
spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls…
– Howard Thurman –

Counseling helps people is many ways; teaching new skills, working through current life problems, building healthier relationships…the list is endless.  But perhaps the greatest potential gift of counseling is creating a space and time, free from the pressures, time demands and harried production, to just “be”.  Our minds and lives today are so full to overflowing with do-to lists and worries and constant interaction on social media, that we have little if any time to just stop, breathe and “listen”.  Without this time, we begin to live unconscious lives; lives in which others seem to be pulling the strings. We go round and round on the hamster wheel of life, without ever contemplating where we are or where we want to be; more importantly, WHO we are and WHO we want to be.

Critical insights and important awarenesses are already there in your mind.  Intuitions and knowings are solidly speaking to you from your heart every day in subtle ways.  Will you have the courage to listen?  Will you take the time to really hear them?  Will you use these powerful knowings as your “true guide” to help unearth your authentic and genuine self?

Counseling can help you locate and begin to truly listen to your own inner guidance.  The process of counseling at Full Circle Counseling Services is about empowering you to discover your own insights, answers and guidance; it’s about helping you develop and strengthen your own inner compass.

It’s not as “intangible” nor difficult as it might sound.  To begin, it takes just one step; commit to taking the time to just “be”; a walk in nature, yoga or meditation, watching a sunset, sitting and enjoying a cup of tea, journaling…you get the idea.  Turn off the electronics and spend some alone time to introspect and get re-acquainted with yourself. Committing to a weekly counseling session to introspect and discover more about yourself might be a great first step too.

These simple acts, regularly scheduled, can make the difference between living a largely “unconscious-strings-being-pulled by others-daily-grind-life” or living a “conscious-empowered-gratifying-purposeful-fulfilling life”.

Here’s hoping you choose to get more acquainted with the “genuine in yourself” …we all have so many gifts to share with the world…the world is eagerly awaiting yours!

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