Sometimes it feels as though our lives need a “kick-start”.  I hear from clients every day how they feel “stuck” in one way or another.  Stuck in their relationship, stuck in their careers, stuck in their grief…

Some time ago, I had also begun to feel the frustration of that “stuckness”…knowing I desired some changes, but not sure quite what those changes should be.  This place of unknowing is not an easy place to be.  We can feel restless and eager, yet uncertain and afraid. And while change is never easy, I find that if you listen to your soul, you will always find the inner knowing that guides you forward on your path.

And so I watched and waited…waited and watched.  I meditated and spent time journaling.  With what felt like constant tension between “making life happen and allowing life to unfold”… I explored and tuned in, but didn’t force any forward movement that didn’t feel authentic.  And then I saw an advertisement in a professional counseling journal for heart-centered hypnotherapy.  I continued to return to that ad time and time again.  And though I still didn’t quite know how I’d manage to be gone away from my practice and from my kids for a six day intensive workshop in Chicago to learn heart-centered hypnotherapy, I registered anyway.

Not only was I able to learn a completely new healing tool to help clients identify and heal old wounds that were still impacting them, I was also able to experience profound personal growth during those six days.

My restlessness was fed in part, but still remained.  However, now alongside the restlessness was a new excitement and motivation!  Having felt the power and effectiveness of the very specific process of  empowered healing hypnosis,  I knew I also wanted to be able to harness the general  power of hypnosis to further help my clients.   I knew that using hypnosis I could help clients stop unhealthy behaviors, improve unfulfilling relationships, and make any specific life goal come to fruition much quicker and easier than ever before!

And so through the entire month of June, I embarked on a training through the national guild of hypnotists.  Now, as a certified hypnotherapist, I am pleased and excited to be able to offer this “behavior change accelerator” called hypnosis.  Whether you want to feel more self-confident, lose weight, procrastinate less or decrease your anxiety, you can achieve you specific goals quicker and easier enlisting the help of your subconscious via hypnosis.

And so, by simply acknowledging and heeding my internal restlessness; by not wishing it away or distracting myself away from it, I was able to learn, grow and now share with you.

Listening to that still small voice within…allowing yourself to explore and be with your feelings, as messengers and compasses…you too can continue to learn, grow and share.



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