Online counseling sessions are available at Full Circle Counseling Services into the foreseeable future for both returning and new clients.  No special equipment is needed; you will be able to use your phone, tablet or desktop computer.  And no special technical knowledge is needed; I will send you a link to a HIPPA compliant platform that allows us to interact in a way similar to facetime.  Those using insurance will need to call their insurance provider to ensure coverage for online telehealth sessions.  I believe most insurances are allowing telehealth sessions to be covered at this time. 

In person, face-to-face sessions with masks are also available. Using telehealth and masking allow me to continue to help meet your mental health care needs, while also following social distancing requirements. 

For some, the changes, loss of control, disruption in routines and worry about your health can increase anxiety.  Counseling during Covid to learn anxiety reduction tools can help immensely.

For others, the barrage of news from the CDC, the concurrent social unrest and political strife can result in depression.  Working within a holistic framework, you can get the guidance and support you need to defeat depression.

All of us are moving through a grief is a process; from what “was” to what “is”.  But, you don’t have to “go it alone”.  Counseling duing Covid can help you identify what specific steps you can take to help you process your grief and make any lifestyle changes you need to make.

Please phone, email or schedule online to request a telehealth session and get the support you need. 

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