Are you frustrated…repeating the same old relationship patterns over and over again?Would you like to be able to be in a romantic relationship without feeling co-dependent or anxiously attached?  Is jealousy or fear of abandonment destroying your relationship? Would you like to be able to choose and attract healthy relationship partners?

The keys to happiness and love are contained within relationships; your own relationship with yourself…your relationship with others.  Relationships are how you learn about yourself.  It’s how you learn to feel a part of something larger than yourself.  It’s how you grow personally and inter-personally.

It is in only in relationships that you can give and receive love…and giving and receiving healthy love is perhaps what this life is all about.

Recognizing your particular “love pattern” is difficult.  We often can’t see clearly from the inside out.  While others see and feel your protective walls, those wall may be oblivious to you.  While others see you numbing out or running away from intimacy, you can’t see that pattern playing out in your own life. While others can sense your emotional distance, you are largely unaware.  You remain safe behind your many defensive walls,  but ignorant of why you are still feeling lonely.  The end result?  You…feeling unfulfilled in relationships, hanging on to unhealthy relationships, or choosing forms of social isolation that keep you out of relationships all together.

What if there was a quick and easy way to uncover these lifetime relationship patterns? What if there was a painless way to open that door to more love in your life?

Guess what?  There is…I call the process “Empowered Healing Hypnotherapy”...and I am excited to announce the addition of this service to my practice!  So yes, in one easy step…well ok, …really in one easy process you can uncover your long hidden thoughts and behavior patterns that have been negatively impacting your relationships your entire life!

This process of hypnotherapy works so quickly and easily because it accesses your unconscious, which accounts for 90% of your mind.  So what might otherwise take months of talk therapy sessions to discover, (where we  deal only with only 10% of our (conscious) mind), can be uncovered and healed in just one or two 90 minute hypnotherapy sessions.

Let me just say this…I don’t provide any services that I haven’t experienced as a client myself first-hand.  As the client, (as well as the hypnotherapist and observer) in my training, I experienced first hand how quickly and powerfully my own previously subconscious life beliefs and relationship patterns were unearthed.  This process created healing at a deeper level than any other counseling tool I have learned about or used in my 20+ years as a counselor!  Post session, I felt more healed and whole than I ever expected or imagined.  It increased my own level of self-awareness, helped forge connections between past life experiences and current thoughts and behaviors, and allowed me to create new beliefs and commit to new and healthier life behaviors.  I left with a new found confidence and sense of wholeness.

I knew I had to share this process with all my clients.  And so, I open the door for you to come experience Empowered Healing Hypnotherapy...when you choose to walk through that door, healthier relationships and an abundance of love are waiting for you on the other side…

See more information about this process and answers to FAQ’s at Empowered Healing Hypnosis





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