New Year Resolutions Done Right!

We all know the drill…new year…new resolutions.  While some say “bah-humbug” to resolutions because they seldom last past February, I say bring on the change! As a counselor, I’m obviously a big believer in continual growth and...

4 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Ahhh, yes the holidays.  Often it feels like Halloween through the New Year are one big blur of activity and increased stress. Here are four simple steps you can take to reduce your holiday stress and anxiety. Just Breathe!  Yes, it can be that simple!  But you need...

How to Increase Happiness!

How can you increase happiness in your life?  Well, happiness does not just “happen”.   Increasing happiness is a skill and an on-going process. While people can be born with different temperaments and dispositions, for most of us, being happy requires a...

The 5 Essential Steps On Your Way To Healthy and Happy

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